Plastic Loofah Vs Natural Loofah (Shower Ball – Bath Pouf)

Plastic Loofah Vs Natural Loofah (Shower Ball – Bath Pouf)

Plastic Loofah Vs Natural Loofah (Shower Ball – Bath Pouf)

Plastic Loofah Vs Natural Loofah (Shower Ball – Bath Pouf)

Introducing these natural loofah sponge that is made from a dried-out tropical or subtropical gourd belonging to genus Luffa (most often either species L. aegyptiaca or L. acutangula).

They are left to wither on the vine, then have their skin peeled off, cut out to the shapes and fitted onto handles or a string to be sold for daily use. That’s about it – no other process is done to it. These were really common back in the 70s and prior, before the more common petroleum based sponges took over the market.

Well thanks to eco awareness that’s going around, these natural loofahs are making a comeback.


I took one out and it was as thin as a slice of cheese.

I then put it into a bowl of water and wow……almost immediately it started to bloat up. Hence, why the supplier did the double layer of packing protection.
I found it still a little hard even after it was all bloated up, so I left in the bowl of water overnight.

The next day, I enlisted my assistant (aka my mom) to do a test. She had bought some tropical fruits with a texture similar to a human skin but had wanted to scrub off the dirt on the surface.

Plastic Loofah Vs Natural Loofah (Shower Ball – Bath Pouf)

1. They still felt a little hard at the beginning but got softer the longer she used it

2. The loofah scrubs really clean – she felt its a lot cleaner than the normal petroleum based scrubbers she was using

3. The cotton string was a plus point as she could hang it up to dry

4. She felt a little nostalgic as she used this in her younger days (she is now 74 years young)…so she felt happy to use them again

And oh……we found another use for these natural loofahs – its great as a soap holder too. Give it a try!


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