Egyptian Loofah Sponges Benefits

Loofah-Luffa Benefits Egyptian Wholesale Supplier

Egyptian Loofah Sponges Benefits

Loofah-Luffa Benefits Egyptian Wholesale Supplier

All You Need to Know About your Favorite Shower Accessory

Lost to time, no one knows where or when exactly it came from, the origin of the loofah plants (loofa plant) is unknown. Contrary to popular belief natural loofahs are not made of sea sponge or dried coral, they are actually made from a vegetable source: the loofah plant. This plant is a vigorously growing vine in the cucumber family, which is why the plant looks like a huge cucumber. There are several species of this plant, which vary in texture, size and natural color. The most common ones are the Egyptian Luffa (Luffa Aegyptiaca) and the Chinese Luffa (Luffa Acutangula).

As we all know, the loofah is one of the most popular shower accessories. It has many benefits if used and kept properly. Its main benefits is cleaning and exfoliating your skin as well as improving blood circulation.


Every 30 days or so we shed dead skin cells naturally to make room for new skin cells. However, the dead skin cells do not shed completely resulting in dry, flaky patches and clogged pores. Exfoliating your skin regularly can help prevent this.

Since normal friction only removes some of these shed cells not all of it, dulling your complexion or turning it ashy, additional measures should be taken. Exfoliating, using a chemical substance or exfoliation tool, is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin that did not shed naturally. Removing dead skin cells improves the look of your skin significantly, as well as sweeping away places in your skin where bacteria and soil could collect and harm your skin.

Exfoliating your skin regularly has many benefits it can help unclogs your pores, prevents acne, helps other skincare products penetrate deeper, evens skin tone and also  increases cell turnover. Furthermore, long-term exfoliating can stimulates collagen synthesis. Collagen is key to glowing, vibrant skin.

Improving Circulation

Fluids are constantly circulating throughout your body, most importantly blood. Your heart pumps about 5 quarts of blood through your body’s blood vessels every minute. As your blood circulates throughout your body, it delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells and helps get rid of excess waste products in your system. Increases the amount of blood feeding the skin with oxygen and nutrients will result in a healthier skin

Capillaries, the tiny blood vessels closest to your skin, will naturally expand when stimulated. The friction on your skin caused when using a loofah will increase localized blood flow by stimulating the capillaries. Unlike harshly abrasive scrubbers and sponges, its firm but elastic fibers are round in cross section and are less likely to scratch skin.

Additional Benefits

There are some additional benefits of the loofah. Using it regularly will stimulates skin nerve endings triggering the feeling of well-being and freshness. It is made of natural material and with the current trend of favoring natural products; a loofah would be an excellent choice as it is made of plants.

Risks of Using a Loofah

People love loofahs because they exfoliate its many benefits. However, these benefits can lead to some hidden risks. If you hang it to dry in the shower area, it will collect the moisture residue from your shower time. All the dead skin cells lingering in the loofah makes it an ideal recipient for bacteria to grow and multiply. Clean it regularly and correctly, in order to avoid skin problems related to bacteria.

Loofahs can also be too abrasive for some skin types. If you have ever noticed redness or irritation after using it, your skin might be particularly sensitive to exfoliation.

How to Clean your Loofah

It is very important to take care of your loofah properly. If you do not, it can carry bacteria and this could make you sick. In order to avoid this you have to maintain and sanitize it regularly using these simple methods:

  • Rinse it well
  • Keep it dry
  • Disinfect it by soaking it in diluted bleach for five minutes each week
  • Use essential natural oils to deter bacterial growth
  • Microwave it to kill the germs
  • Wash it in the washing machine
  • Replacing it

Most importantly know when it is time to throw your loofah away. Discard it if you notice mold growth or if it smells mildew or musty.

Different Loofah Varieties

Traditional loofah (also known as raw whole loofah sponge) is the most commonly known. However, you can find different products that you can use. The most frequently used are:

Loofah Alternatives

Loofahs are not the only way to cleanse your body in the shower. Synthetic bath poufs are typically made of nylon, and have dense layers of mesh in a circular pattern. Silicone bath scrubbers have antimicrobial benefits, but it should still be cleaned regularly. Washcloths have a gentle exfoliating effect and can spread soap easily.


Loofahs have been thought of as a solution to cellulite deposits. Most people think that if you rube the uneven skin surface hard enough it will get flat. However, skin cannot be changed by only changing the outer layer of the skin because the structure of the skin depends mainly on the lower layers. Cellulite, the dimpled fat deposits that typically appear on the thighs and hips, is no different from subcutaneous fat elsewhere on the body. Like other types of fat, no amount of surface pressure will permanently change its volume or appearance, although it can improve the condition of the skin over the subcutaneous fat.


  • Loofahs help keep your skin in good shape, but they can also harbor harmful bacteria in their many tiny holes.
  • Like all plant matter, they are also susceptible to decay if kept constantly wet, so let it air dry between uses.
  • Washing it in a mild bleach solution could extend its useful life, but you should replace it frequently.
  • A clean loofah has a mild straw like smell; any off-putting odors signify that you need to replace it.
  • Avoid using a loofah on any part of your skin with reduced sensation; although the fibers in the gourd are unlikely to scratch your skin,
  • It is safer to use only soft materials on areas with low sensation.

Where to Buy Loofah

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