What is Loofah Used For

What is Loofah Used For | Cute Eve Egyptian Luffa Sponges Supplier

What is Loofah Used For: Many people have questioned the spelling of luffa and Wikipedia says either luffa or loofah is correct. Spell it how you’d like, just get some, grow some and use some. They are awesome! What can you do with your luffas once you have grown them? They are so useful!

Eco-friendly loofah

One of my favorite things about loofahs is they are biodegradable and a natural fiber. They don’t put any plastic or synthetic material into the eco system or landfills. I know I can feel good about the product I’m using and that it’s not harming the earth. This makes the loofah the best choice for me.

Shower sponge

I keep a luffa in my shower and twice a week I give my skin a good exfoliating. You can use them as a shower sponge in place of a washcloth every day if you want as well. I love the way my skin feels after I sluff all the dead skin off with my luffa.


Bath loofah

I run a shoelace through the middle of the bath loofah and hang it in the shower by my razor. If you hang your loofah so it can dry out between uses, it will last for months. Click here to see the benefits of exfoliating with a luffa.


How to use a loofah

To exfoliate, wet the loofah with warm water to soften it. Apply soap to the loofah sponge. Rub skin gently in a circular motion for a few seconds working your way all over your face. Move down your neck and continue until your whole body is exfoliated.

Luffa sponge uses

If you have a tough pan to clean, but don’t want to scratch the finish, grab your luffa sponge. It’s abrasive, but the natural fibers won’t scratch Teflon or any other surface. I love being able to get tough, stuck on food off the dishes with my luffas. Just like in the shower, make sure to store it in a place where it can completely dry between uses.

Click here to see more scrubbies you can make yourself just by repurposing things you already have. So smart!

Natural loofah sponge

You can clean the top of your stove, your cabinet doors, tough spots on the floor, or anything else in the kitchen with your luffa without fear of damaging your surfaces.

Luffas are great for cleaning those stuck on bugs that get stuck to the grill and front bumper of your car. They always seem impossible to remove. All you have to do is soap up your car and scrub away with your trusty luffa.

They can also be helpful in removing oil and tar from roads and that black gunky build up on the wheels. They can be squished to fit into any shape of surface too.

Outdoor uses for luffa

Do you ever get a greenish build up on your guttering, downspout or other outer surfaces of your house? Luffas can scrub that right off and have it looking great in no time. You can get mud spatter off the bottom part of your house, clean up your siding and even scrub up your pots before you put plants in them in the spring.


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